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                     HOSTING AAU                              TOURNAMENTS AND LEAGUES


 Sindee Snow at 407-466-9009

 Yvonne Devlin at 407-466-9239

 AAU National Pickleball Chairs

Opportunities are available to start your own AAU Pickleball league or tournament at a very reasonable cost. Types of events include:


•     Local Tournaments 
•     Leagues and Clinics 


Any AAU member club (Level 2 or 3) in good standing can apply to license (sanction) events through AAU. As a tournament host, you can decide what age divisions, format, date, etc. will best suit your area. AAU offers flexibility in hosting events and the program can be tailored to fit the needs of the local community. Contact your local District Director for more information on requirements. 

Once your event is approved, it will be listed on the AAU online event calendar


Step 1: Join AAU:
You will need a Level 2 or 3 club membership and a non-athlete membership for the club contact. You must register as a non-athlete member first.  Once you receive your non-athlete membership number, you can apply for club membership. 



Step 2: License (sanction) Your Event
You will need your current year club code and non-athlete membership number of the club contact



Step 3: Request a Third Party Certificate of Insurance
Your event license (sanction) will need to be approved before your can request the certificate. Approval could take up to 15 days



Step 4: Order Medals or Ribbons
You will need your approved license number. 




 Ready to Get Started?

·         Select a Tournament software

·         Choose an approved format and events (WD, MXD, Singles, Age, Skill, etc.)

·         Set a tournament date

·         Decide on the number of participants in each event (set parameters)

·         Set opening/closing due dates for registration

·         Decide on registration fees and refund policy





·         Number of courts will be a deciding factor on how many players and/or events the tournament can accommodate.

·         Permanent nets preferred but not limited to, most larger or indoor tournaments use temporary courts/nets

·         Check for Wi-Fi availability and electrical outlets

·         PA/Sound system

·         Lights

·         Room for and availability of vendor/sponsor spaces/tables

·         Restrooms

·         Check with the venue regarding need of approved food vendors if any.


Create a Budget

·         Facility Cost

·         Decide on compensation if any for referees and/or referee management team

·         Factor cost related to the use of tournament software

·         Medals and/or rewards

·         Food, water

·         Supplies (tape, scissors, paper, pencils, etc…)

·         Goodie bags, T-shirts (if any)

·         Get portable nets if needed

·         Sanction the Tournament

·         Balls



Create a Flyer

·         Tournament title

·         Registration and Entry Event fees

·         Format

·         Date(s) and times of tournament

·         Website where and how to register

·         Type of  Ball you will be using

·         Contact information for questions regarding registrations and tournament info

·         Location of and directions to venue

·         Rain day plan


Posting on Websites

·         Advertise and list tournament info (and flyer) on the

·         Registration information

·         Contact information

·         Players needing partners

·         Players list

·         Events

·         Directions

·         Lodging/Accommodations information

·         Cancellation policy

·         Rules/format of play

·         Any other info pertaining to your tournament

·         Waiver

Get Volunteers

·         Recruit volunteers from your local clubs. You will need an average of 5-6 volunteers/day.

·         Volunteers Needed:

·         Front desk/check-in desk/event desk (at least 2)

·         Score poster (1)

·         Announcer (1)

·         Safety/medical (2)

·         Food/snack table (1)

·         Vendor/sponsor coordinator

·         Set up/clean-up crew (2)

·         Choose a Head referee

·         Registrations

·         Bracket (preferably people who know a lot of players/different skill levels)


·         Computers

·         Clipboards/One for every court

·         Balls

·         Medals (order 2 to 3 months in advance) For Doubles events, make sure to order 2/team

·         Snacks for players

·         Bottled water

·         Paper plates, napkins, forks, knives, plastic cups, utensils

·         Pencils/markers/tape

·         Board to post paper brackets

·         Legal size paper to print brackets

·         Paper cut in 1/2 to print match score sheets


First Aid


·         AAU Incident Report forms and a pen.  For emergencies, call 9-1-1.  Also know the local emergency phone numbers and   

           addresses of the nearest hospital or urgent care facility)



·         Use your email contacts to distribute flyer

·         Distribute flyer in surrounding pickleball communities

·         Use social media, such as Facebook

·         Contact possible vendors/sponsors. Make sure to have tables and chairs available.


·         All players must be AAU members

·         When using, players can register online, sign waiver online, and make payment via PayPal

·         After players register, send player confirmations

·         Facilitate partner search

·         Keep emails short and to the point

·         Keep players informed by email regarding:schedule of events brackets

·         payment of registration fees

·         signing of liability waivers

·         registration deadline and more…

·         All of the above is easily managed with the software or other software.

Day Before the Tournament

·         Tape Courts if needed (Official Measurements), set up nets, tables for registration, vendors, food, etc.

·         Put up any promotional/sponsor banners if any

·         Post the brackets on the board so participants and spectators can keep track as the tournament progresses

·         Put up signage for check in, numbers of courts, restrooms, snack table, etc.

·         Post the schedule for upcoming events/days

Day of the Tournament

·         Have players check in at least 30 minutes before the start of the brackets

·         Keep hard copies of blank waiver forms available at check in

·         All registration fees need to be paid before participants can play

·         Welcome players to the tournament

·         Inform players IFP rules apply

·         Thank all the volunteers/Wish good luck to all participants

·         Start the tournament on time

·         Start all available courts with games and keep them occupied throughout the tournament

·         Have warm up courts available if possible

·         Limit warm up time to 2 to 3 minutes

·         Let participants who are “on deck” know, so they can start their warm up and be ready to play when match is called

·         Award medals to the winners of each event-(1st, 2nd 3rd)

During Tournament

·        Make sure brackets run on time, no empty courts

·        Make necessary adjustments to events if there is time constraint/rain

·        Keep announcements to minimum

·        Run the tournament and address any and all questions that come up during the event.

·        Check in with your vendors/sponsors/players for feedback

·        Have incident reports available in case of serious injuries. If an injury occurs during play, fill out incident report and pass on to AAU

·        Have an updated official rules book ( IFP Rules Handbook )


After Tournament

·         Make sure to pick up courts

·         Make sure to thank everyone for attending

·         Update The Brackets to be posted on line/Take Pictures of event and winners. 

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