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JR's - How to get started


The sport of pickleball has grown to 2.5 million players. Players range in age from 6 –
80+, with skill levels ranging from Novice to Pro. This game is for everyone and can be
played as singles and/or doubles. Games are scored to 11-points, a team must win 2 out of 3 to win the match. More and more youth players are getting hooked on pickleball
because of the fast-paced fun.
Pickleball is described as a combination of Badminton, Tennis and a full-size version of
Ping-Pong. The court is Badminton size (20’x44”), smaller than a tennis court.
Competitive paddles used in pickleball are constructed from a high-tech composite,
ranging in cost from $30-$150 each. An official pickleball (looks like a wiffleball) is made
of plastic and approximately 3 inches in diameter.
The goal of both AAU and USAPA is to bring the Pickleball experience to Juniors. You
won’t understand the thrill of playing till you take the step to try it.


Join a Club
Clubs offer many opportunities to learn the game and prepare you for competition. They
may provide open gyms, clinics, leagues and lessons. Go to to find
places to play near you.

Attend a Clinic or Open Play
Clinics teach junior players the fundamentals and provide hands-on experience. The
learning curve is typically short, most kids are usually playing within an hour. Open Play is also a great way to get started. Bring a friend. You don’t need previous racquet sport experience to get started.  Go to to find places to play near you

Participate in a League or Tournament
AAU and USAPA will be working together to offer leagues throughout the U.S. Leagues offer a steady stream of competition throughout the season while tournaments allow you to test your skills against other junior players both locally and nationally. Junior events
offer divisions for 12, 14, 16 and 18-year-olds You can participate as an individual or as part of a team. To find a tournament near you go to

AAU National Indoor Pickleball Championships, Jr. play Aug. 18-19
Give it a try. This event is held here in Orlando, Beginner players welcome.
Contact us to learn more.
Existing locations looking to grow your youth program
Contact us, we can help you to set-up your own Junior clinics, leagues, tournaments.


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